Protect Your Business from COVID-19’s Second Wave

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It will be no surprise to many Americans that the second wave of COVID-19 is on its way. As retailers, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs, you should ask yourselves what is the best solution to keep your business alive? The answer is simple- sell to customers online.

With contact-free delivery, mobile payments, and virtual payment gateways available, selling products and services online is the safest and most convenient option for billions of consumers in isolation.

But how do you choose the right e-commerce platform? Although there are many DIY website builders including Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace, there is still one major problem: the amount of time required to learn to build a website from scratch or even from a template. Sure, if you’re comfortable with design, creativity, and color patterns, you can easily spend hours (and days) custom building your dream store with excitement and youthful vigor. However, for those who don’t have either the time or creativity, the most realistic approach is to hire a web developer or designer.

Our approach is to make this process convenient and affordable. We set up your products and services (including photos, inventory, prices, and descriptions) in your own online store that includes a shopping cart and payment gateway, all for a small monthly fee that can cost less than some phone data plans. It’s a month-to-month, cancel-anytime, no-risk option that has helped many customers move their businesses online.

We talk to customers on the phone and via text, email, and chat so that they feel comfortable enough to trust us to take the next step together. We’re not in this business to make millions of dollars- there are definitely bigger e-commerce companies out there – we’re in this business to keep small business owners, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs alive during this uncertain time.

Many of our clients have been building their businesses for years and have relied on their incredible in-store or dining experiences to bring in customers, but now that’s no longer possible. These clients have neither the time nor energy to build an online option for their customers, who desperately miss their favorite places. Even with the stay-at-home mandate being lifted, only some customers will return because of the constant fear of the unknown- and those who decide to show up will be putting themselves and others at risk. With all these fears looming, the second wave of lockdowns, bans, and shutdowns will feel like deja-vu for millions of business owners.

This is the time, while we’re still months ahead of the next COVID-19 and flu season, when building an online store brand is crucial to the survival of your business. This is the time to establish history and credibility, to build customer retention, and to gain traction before competitors take their products and services online. Take advantage of this opportunity to have our trusted team members build your online store platform before it’s too late.

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Protect Your Business from COVID-19’s Second Wave