Meet our leadership team and learn how we can help you grow your business.


We have worked hard to solidify our place in the payment processing market – processing billions of dollars worth of credit card transactions since 2003. With our experience, we better serve the full spectrum of merchant types: brick and mortar, mom and pops, national accounts, or merchants who process from a virtual space.

We partnered with Woodforest National Bank out of Houston, Texas as our sponsoring bank. Our experienced management team works with some of the largest names in the transaction processing industry, including both First Data and TSYS.

Our wide variety of platforms sends the message to our clients that we are not a cookie-cutter processor. We offer custom solutions that integrate with your business infrastructure. Merchant Services Group LLC is able to stay ahead of the competition by meeting our clientele’s needs and engendering loyalty and a following with our customers.

Merchant Service Group has a proprietary payment technologies, which allows our sales partners to have a leading edge in the marketplace. The executive management team learned the business from the ground up and understands what is critical to being successful in the field as a sales executive.

Whether you are a start-up or an established corporation, Merchant Service Group LLC wants to work in partnership with you to grow your organization. We strive to create a better consumer experience for businesses, and the end user.

Work with us because we understand the language of business!