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Being average in any professional field is rarely accepted by any individual these days. They are always striving to be exceptional in whatever work they do. The same goes for ISO agents. 

An ISO agent (Independent Sales Organization) is a provider who sells credit card processing products and other merchant services to businesses, such as setting up payments and loyalty programs to increase customer retention. 

The industry for an ISO agent is evolving, so they need to learn and develop with it. There are specific characteristics an ISO agent must have to be successful in their field of work to expand their portfolio by offering their clients the most impeccable service.

But how can you achieve the position of being a successful ISO agent? What is the best way to get people to seek out your services?

This post will provide you with the best ways to be a successful ISO agent.

Difference Between ISO and Sales Agents?

In this field, the terms “sales agents” and “Independent Sales Organizations” are frequently interchanged, as if they all mean the same thing. In reality, these names apply to the different credit card processing industries.

ISO (Independent Sales Organization). This credit card processing company acts as a go-between for the credit card issuers and the merchant. It frequently offers merchants terminals and tech assistance, training, and customer care. This is also known as a “merchant service firm”.

Sales Agent. A sales agent is a third party who sells ISO and merchant services. Merchant services businesses will hire sales agents to identify merchants to engage with since they prefer to process credit cards and provide POS solutions. A sales agent does not have to pay the same hefty association fees as an ISO, but they cannot do business in their name and must work through an ISO or MSP.

How to Become a Successful ISO Agent?

Know What Your Customers Want

Merchants are always searching for ISO agents who can give them what they want. They need a professional who knows how to improve their business using their credit card selling process. 

In order to be successful, you want to offer consulting services, anti-fraud products, and back-office optimization, whose efficiency should be entirely enhanced so that your customer’s payment process is protected and smooth. 

This will be useful for you when merchants like your services and recommend you further. 

Be Up-To-Date With Technology 

Not all merchants keep up with the new technology these days, so they don’t know what software they can use to expand their business. 

This is why, as an ISO agent, you must keep up with today’s technology to sell credit card processing products successfully. 

When you are updated with the new technology, you will inform the businesses of the improved ways to improve their business. This will make the merchants appreciate your work. 

Know the Industry Trends 

If you want to be a knowledgeable and successful ISO agent, you have to be up-to-date with the merchant services industry and know about the changes made to processing or rising fees and how they will affect your clients in the present and future. 

This way, you are looking out for your customers’ best interest, increasing your chances of closing sales. The valuable information you provide will help the industry leaders understand the changes in the industry.

How Much Can You Make Selling Merchant Services?

The merchant services sector is commission-based in general, so the upfront commission is how much you’ll make each hour. To be clear, agents potentially earn a six figure income if they execute the three primary activities.

However, if a typical merchant account provides a salesperson with roughly between $30 and $60 in residual money each month, the salesperson can sign 10 accounts per month; they will be earning between $36,000 and $72,000 after the first year.

You just have to take your job seriously and be patient in earning the amount you want. It takes 6-18 months to build the residual base you want. 


Being a successful ISO agent might seem out of your reach, but this is only because you have not put your best traits to work. As long as you follow the rules mentioned above, you will be there in no time!

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