Join the fastest growing merchant service companies in the industry.


The credit card processing world is a dynamic place for sales. More and more consumers use cards to pay for products and services, and with the advent of new technologies, such as contactless payments like Apple Pay, the industry continues to grow substantially. This is an excellent market for people interested in sales. More businesses, more card-wielding consumers, and new payment technologies keep salespeople busy, invigorated, and successful.


If you are a motivated people-person who enjoys cutting-edge technology, then you should explore sales agent opportunities in the payments industry; and, if you value working with an established merchant services company that provides you with the support and compensation you deserve, then you should explore sales opportunities specifically with Merchant Service Group LLC.


We at Merchant Service Group LLC value our personal relationships with our agents. We are committed to furnishing you with the best training, support, and tools you need to grow your portfolio and retain accounts. We know the surest way to succeed is if we all succeed together. Our ISO Programs are designed specifically for experienced sales offices interested in a direct relationship that offers unmatched revenue sharing for their accounts. It is truly a unique pricing package that enables ISOs to gain the maximum profitability on their accounts while providing merchants with a cost-effective solution for accepting credit card payments. We can help with customer service, underwriting, risk management, account management, and terminal deployment.


ISOs will have complete control of managing and monitoring their merchants through our proprietary Sales Force Automation System (SFAS). The system provides independent sales offices with updated merchant information such as merchant profile, transaction history, profitability analysis, approval status, shipment tracking, and more.


When you board merchants with us, you can be confident you are boarding with the best.

The payments industry continues to grow at an astonishing rate; work with us and realize all the lucrative benefits!



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