Equipment Guide – What’s the Best Solution for Your Business?


Accepting credit cards is a great way to open your business to new customers and higher revenue, but it can be an overwhelming process to begin. Whether your business is new to accepting credit cards or you’re simply looking for more options, there are a wide range of solutions to serve all of your business’s credit card processing needs.

Merchant Service Group LLC is proud to offer more options than any other processor with multi-platform support and a wide range of equipment. Here’s a brief overview of available equipment and the advantages of each.


Terminals are the most popular way to make credit card transactions and offer versatility in how you can accept payments. Terminals are EMV compliant for in-store use and also allow you to key in transactions done over the phone or by invoice.

Options include the VX520, our most popular terminal and one of the easiest to use, or the Dejavoo Z8, which can be used with our no rate cash discount program. We also support many products from First Data, Ingenico, and PAX.


A Gateway is a software system that allows your business to accept and transmit payments online. You can integrate your gateway into your website or access it via computer or app, and also use it to accept payments over the phone or by invoice.

As an reseller, we can set up your account for you, with options to add an online shopping cart or a “Buy it now” button to your website, set up recurring billing, or use the new online invoicing tool.

POS Systems

We support a wide range of POS solutions and can integrate our payment solutions into your current POS system or help you set up a new one. Options for purchase include Aloha for dining establishments, Ruby for gas stations, and the popular Clover Station, which works for all business types and allows you to customize your station to assist with payroll, inventory, scheduling, and more.

Mobile Card Swipers

Mobile card swipers are the most convenient way to accept payments. These swipers go wherever you go and works through your phone using a mobile app. You have the option of having all of your transactions and information sent to a web dashboard, where reporting tools break down your data and help you understand your customers better.

Swipe Simple and Clover Go are two of the most popular card swipe readers. Both allow swipe or EMV payments and include the option for contactless payments such as Apple Pay.

Along with this equipment, Merchant Service Group LLC offers full support of your business every step of the way. A knowledgeable team can help you understand the full capabilities of the equipment you select, help choose the set up for you, and provide 24/7 support to ensure your equipment is always running.

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Equipment Guide – What’s the Best Solution for Your Business?