Announcing a New Program to Lower Credit Card Processing Fees for Nonprofits


Nonprofit groups serve a vital function in the community, but the fees and expenses to keep them running can impact how much good they can do. That’s why Merchant Service Group LLC has implemented a new program to ensure that your credit card processing fees are as low as possible.  Read on to learn how our new program can significantly reduce or even eliminate your nonprofit organization’s credit card processing fees.

How to Lower Your Processing Fees

Thanks to our innovative payment technology, Merchant Service Group LLC can now offer lower interchange fees—the fees charged every time a credit card is used—for nonprofit groups such as preschools, churches, associations, and others who qualify as a 501c organization. You can even eliminate your credit card processing fees entirely by signing up for the innovative cash discount program, which passes the processing fees onto your donors.


Why Accept Credit Cards?

If your nonprofit doesn’t already accept credit cards, there are many reasons to start. Nonprofits who take donations, sell merchandise, or allow online event registration stand to post larger gains and reach more donors than those who do not. Research shows that donors contribute as much as 20% more when paying with a credit card than with other forms of payment. Donors are also more likely to make impulse purchases with a credit card than with cash, making online donations a vital part of your nonprofit’s payment acceptance.

Working with Your Organization’s Needs

Accepting credit cards also broadens your organization’s capability. Did you know that you can accept donations or membership dues through your website? If you’re looking for more interaction with your donors, you can set up a stand-alone machine to take donations in person or over the phone, or use a wireless device that allows you to accept donations on location. Online payment systems make it easy to set up recurring donations or payment plans for your donors’ convenience.

What Else Can Merchant Service Group LLC Offer You?

In addition to saving your organization money, Merchant Service Group LLC offers peace of mind and convenience. We’ll set up your nonprofit with your own secure account that caters to your specific needs with 24/7 customer service, various payment options, and the option to see all transactions, deposits, and statements online. Member management software can also be used to manage member information.

As an added bonus, Merchant Service Group LLC will donate $500 or more to every qualified nonprofit group that opens an account with us! Contact us today to learn more about how Merchant Service Group LLC can make credit card processing for your nonprofit easy and affordable.

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Announcing a New Program to Lower Credit Card Processing Fees for Nonprofits