Jewelry Merchant Accounts

Fine jewelry is an industry that continues to grow every year, with over $17 billion in sales in 2018. Specialty jewelers account for more than 43 percent of the industry’s total sales, but despite these trends, many processors are hesitant to work with these businesses. However, Merchant Service Group LLC works with your business so that you can start accepting credit cards within days.

Fine jewelry merchant accounts may be considered high risk because of the high price per item and the tendency for buyer’s remorse after purchasing such big-ticket items. This may lead to a large number of returns and chargebacks in which the customer will dispute the transaction with their credit card company.

The prevalence of counterfeit products and fraud in the industry contributes to the high-risk status of jewelry businesses. This is especially true for businesses who sell their products online, where there is an increased risk for fraud and a higher incidence of chargebacks.

Unlike other processors who may decline your jewelry account based on these reasons, Merchant Service Group LLC provides a hassle-free boarding process for jewelry merchant accounts, including businesses who specialize in vintage, used, new, or made-to-order fine jewelry. We won’t treat your account as high risk because we know it’s your credit history and the financial health of your business that matters, not the classification of your account.

We offer a number of custom payment solutions to accept payments in store and online, such as gateway solutions and online shopping carts that can be integrated into your website. Our technology allows you to set up recurring billing if you wish to offer a payment plan to your customers. Our experienced technical team can help you choose the right solution and offer advice on how to maintain your account and avoid chargebacks.

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Golf Equipment Merchant Accounts

With $6 billion spent on equipment, apparel, and supplies in 2016 alone and the number of new golfers rising in recent years—from 1.5 million in 2015 to 2.5 million in 2016—golf is a significant part of the US economy. While golf itself has been around for centuries, buying equipment online is a newer concept, and opening a merchant account to sell your products online is not always easy. This is where Merchant Service Group LLC can help.

Despite the influence of golf on the economy, online golf equipment sellers are still considered a high-risk venture to many large credit card processors because of a few factors; the high average price for each purchase brings liability, and it becomes riskier when customers experience buyer’s remorse because a golf club didn’t turn them into a pro like they had hoped it would. They may ask for a refund or even dispute the purchase with their credit card company. Additionally, processors are wary because golf equipment comes with a larger risk of shipping damage and fraud because of counterfeit items passed off as top name brands.

Despite all of this, Merchant Service Group LLC can board your online golf merchant account quickly and easily. We treat high-risk accounts like any other. We examine your credit history and the financial health of your business instead of scrutinizing your account based on the industry.

We offer a number of payment solutions to accept payments online and integrate with your website, including online shopping carts and gateway solutions. Our experienced technical team can help you choose the right solution for your business and even offer advice on how to maintain your account and avoid chargebacks.

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Merchant Accounts for Cigar and Tobacco Businesses

Cigar and tobacco sales remain a significant part of the US economy. Cigars alone amounted to $8 billion in sales in 2017, and over 12 billion cigars are sold every year to consumers, with projections to increase over the next three years. Tobacco, as a whole, has grown over the last five years and accounted for over $120 billion in market value in 2018.

Despite the stability of the industry, tobacco merchant accounts are a difficult sell to many processors because they are labeled high risk. This is because of the large number of chargebacks in the industry, the age restriction on these products, and the strict regulations of the products on state and federal levels.

However, online tobacco accounts are even more challenging to board because it is difficult to verify the age of the customer buying the product when they are doing so online, which causes most processors to hesitate to work with these businesses because of the liability involved and the fear of increased regulation.

At Merchant Service Group LLC, we recognize that tobacco sales are still strong and that luxury cigars, custom pipes, and unique tobacco products are sought after in great numbers. Instead of paying attention to the four-digit code your business falls under, we treat your tobacco merchant application like any other and review your credit history and business’s financial health instead of your industry classification.

We offer gateway or online shopping cart solutions for businesses focused on online sales, numerous mobile and terminal solutions for those who conduct business at their store or over the phone, and a combination of solutions for businesses who take advantage of both. An experienced technical team is on hand to help customize a solution for your business along with a customer service team that provides 24/7 support.

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