Payment Technology for Restaurants

Running a restaurant isn’t like other businesses. It comes with unique challenges and requires more than just a great product—you need a team that works together seamlessly, from the back of house to your front of house. Fortunately for you, payment technology can help. While terminals can be great for speed and ease of use, a more advanced POS system can help streamline your business, helping with everything from staff efficiency to inventory to customer service. Here are just a few ways how.

Back end operations

You may think of your payment system as part of the front of your restaurant, but it can be a great help in back end operations such as inventory management. ·

  • Set low stock alerts and automatically create purchase orders to replenish
  • Keep stock at ideal levels at all times
  • Track shipments

Front End Operations

The right POS system will help streamline your front of store operations by helping manage your menus and waitstaff.

  • Use visual floor plans and table management to seat guests faster and assign and transfer tables
  • Build your menu right in the system
  • Set menus for online and offline customers or for different subgroups
  • Integrate happy hour pricing to help your wait and bar staff pay attention to customers instead
    of prices

Customer Experience

The service your customers receive is one of the most important parts of a successful restaurant, which
is why many POS systems contain features that directly impact the customer experience.

  • Check and item splitting and tip pooling help your servers provide a more convenient experience
    for the customer
  • Mobile payments for increased payment flexibility as well as the option to order ahead
  • Input orders and finalize the bill at the customer’s table
  • A rewards system to increase the customer experience and incentivize repeat business


Advanced POS systems can track your sales and compile the information into reports that you can use to
grow your business.

  • Use real-time metrics and historical data to identify trends and better understand your
  • Identify peak times of business and best-selling items
  • Separate anomalies and plan future operations based on real business data
  • Optimize your workforce to ensure your restaurant has the coverage it needs


Merchant Service Group LLC supports numerous POS systems including Paysafe POS, Clover, Revel, and Aldelo. With our in-house technical expertise, we can help choose the optimal set up for your business along with payment solutions that integrate seamlessly into these systems. We offer easy boarding, free software upgrades, and 24/7 support.

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Salons: How Your Payment Processing Can Help Your Business

Running a salon comes with its own set of challenges, and the last thing you should have to worry about is your payment processing. That’s why choosing the right equipment along with the right processor is so important. Whether you want to enhance your business through the latest technology or stick to something simple, Merchant Service Group LLC has 15 years of experience in boarding more than 10,000 salon accounts to help you choose the best option for your business.

Advantages to Terminals

Many salons opt for the ease of stand-alone terminals, which allow for a lower start up cost and fast processing so that employees can quickly move from one customer to the next. The right equipment may also allow for faster funding or lower rates such as the zero rate cash discount program offered through Dejavoo and PAX terminals. Merchant Service Group LLC is able to offer more features for standalone terminals than other processors, including online reporting through Foundry Insight, which allows you to track your business growth, monitor your competitors, and protect your online reputation as seen on various social media sites.

Advantages to Clover

If you’re looking for more features to streamline your business and increase your revenue, Clover comes with many added benefits through its popular Clover Station, which serves as an all-in-one tool to take customer payments, manage payroll, and keep track of sales. The Clover Mini or Flex can be used for more portability or alongside the Clover Station to allow multiple customers to be taken care of at once. Scheduling apps can be added for a monthly fee to help manage schedules for multiple employees, automatically send text reminders to customers for upcoming appointments, and manage customer contact information and appointment histories. Clover also features apps that allow you to run promotional campaigns, set up a loyalty program, and manage your customer contact list..

At Merchant Service Group LLC we know how important it is to keep costs low, which is why we use turnkey solutions to offer competitive pricing no matter how big or small your operation is. Our payment solutions are integrated seamlessly into the equipment of your choice, and our 24/7 support will keep your business running.

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