Retail Merchant Accounts

Payment processing by mail or phone is an easy and useful way
to process cards without face-to-face transactions

Hand holding  bank terminal and plastic card

Retail Merchant Accounts


In the retail industry, quality service is just as important as the quality of products you offer customers. You can provide better and faster processing service and be able to accommodate more customers using Merchant Service Group LLC’s payment solutions for retailers. Retailers of all sizes value speed and efficiency when processing payments, and you will be amazed by how utilizing our different payment features can benefit both your customers and your employees. We can provide you with the products and services your retail business individually requires with our extensive selection of innovative, time-saving, money-making tools will add value to your business. Also, we will always provide tech and customer support 24/7 in over one dozen languages.


Low Rates & Fees

Best and newest processing technology options

Minimal chargebacks

Fast Deposits

Phenomenal customers service and tech support

Merchant Service Group, LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of  Woodforest National Bank, The Woodlands, TX