E-Cigarrette Merchant Accounts

E-cigarettes and vaping are rapidly growing industries with sales increasing every year, from $2.35 billion in 2016 to $2.9 billion in 2017, and e-cigarette sales are expected to exceed tobacco sales by 2026. With over 3,500 retail vaping shops in the United States, businesses like yours stand to post higher sales and profits by accepting credit cards; however, most credit card processors make that more difficult than it should be. That’s why Merchant Service Group LLC strives to provide you with the fast and easy approval you’ve been searching for.

Even as a relatively new industry, e-cigarette merchant accounts have a reputation for a high number of chargebacks, making it difficult for these businesses to open merchant accounts at other processors. Online sales come with a greater risk of chargebacks, and e-cigarettes are no exception, especially when shipments are delayed because of the frequent use of third-party distributors and when customers deal with lesser known businesses. Additionally, age restrictions and FDA regulations vary from state to state and are constantly changing, so many processors are hesitant to take on the increased liability involved.  Even if processors approve your application, they may still restrict your processing for any of these reasons.

At Merchant Service Group LLC, your e-cigarette merchant account won’t be subjected to any more scrutiny or hassle than other accounts. We look at the same information as a typical merchant account. Your credit history and the financial health of your business matter more than the classification of your account.

Whether you wish to accept payment through a gateway or online shopping cart, over the phone, or in person, we provide a wide range of payment solutions to integrate into your current system or to begin a new one. An experienced technical team is on hand to help customize a solution for your business, and our customer service team provides 24/7 support.

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Is the Cash Discount Program Right For Your Business?

How would you like to eliminate your credit card processing fees entirely? Sound too good to be true? It’s not! The cash discount program allows you to avoid processing fees and more and more businesses are utilizing this new program as a way to cut their expenses and increase their margins. Read on to learn more about whether cash discount is right for your business.

What is it?

The cash discount program is a simple way to avoid credit card processing fees by passing your fees onto your customers. While gas stations have made use of this program for years, it only recently became available to other business types.

How Does it Work?

A small fee (typically 2-4%) will be added to all customer transactions. The fee is removed for customers who pay with cash. At the end of the day, the charges are collected and used to cover your processing fees.

How Is this Different from a Surcharge?

This may sound similar to a credit card surcharge, but there are some important distinctions. Surcharges cannot be applied to debit transactions, but under the cash discount program, every transaction that is not paid in cash (or in-store gift card) will include the extra fee.

Is This Legal?

Credit card surcharges are currently prohibited in 11 states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, and Puerto Rico. Thanks to the Durbin amendment of the Dodd-Frank Law, passed in 2010, the cash discount program is legal in all 50 states.

You just have to follow a few simple rules in order to stay compliant: the charge must be visible on the customer’s receipt, signs must be displayed in your store explaining the fee, and you must ask the customer at check out if they would like to receive a discount by paying with cash.

What Are the Advantages of the Cash Discount Program?

Here are just a few reasons to choose the cash discount program:

  • Save with every transaction! You’ll no longer have to pay a fee every time the customer swipes their credit card. This adds up to big savings by the end of each month. With fewer fees overall, you’ll enjoy higher profits.
  • It works with your business! Many gas stations already take advantage of the cash discount program and others can benefit greatly from it. It’s perfect for many businesses, especially those that process small-ticket transactions.
  • It’s flexible! You have the option of removing the fee for the customer if they are upset by the charge. You can also return to more traditional pricing at any time if you find your customers are unhappy with the system.


What Can Merchant Service Group LLC Do for You?

The cash discount program has been growing in popularity and Merchant Service Group has helped many businesses switch their accounts to this business-friendly system, including nail salons, restaurants, donut shops, coffee shops, minimarkets, retail stores, and more!

We provide support with every step of this transition, whether it’s helping you understand the program itself, setting up your equipment to use with the cash discount program, or providing signage to display in your store that explains the program to your customers.

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Cannabis Merchant Accounts

Opening a merchant account as a cannabis retailer is challenging to say the least. Finding a processor that will board your account and offer you fair rates? Nearly impossible. Merchant Service Group LLC knows that you face enough challenges in operating a dispensary, which is why we’ve created a new program to help you start accepting card payments today.

Merchant Service Group LLC has partnered with iPayment, a US-based payment solution provider, to offer a new program that allows legal cannabis accounts to be boarded.

Even in states that have legalized the sale of cannabis, federal regulations make credit card processing a challenge. Large, national banks tend to label these accounts as high risk and see them as a liability, and processors that do board cannabis accounts will often charge higher rates because of the added risk of high chargeback and fraud rates in the industry. Dispensaries that try to go around these restrictions and board their accounts under a different industry may find their merchant accounts closed and their funds diverted with no warning.

These limitations force many legal retailers to accept cash-only sales, which limits their revenue and puts their businesses at greater risk of theft because of the extra cash on location. Accepting other types of payment can increase revenue by nearly 40 percent and allows you to keep less cash in your store, offering greater peace of mind for you and your employees.

The Merchant Service Group LLC cannabis merchant account program allows you to expand your business and accept debit cards as payment to add increased security and legitimacy to your business. Along with your business license, bank statements, and processing statements (when applicable), you must have a valid checking account for your business to open your merchant account.

Merchant Service Group LLC offers years of experience, including a history of successfully boarding high-risk accounts. We offer the same level of service, transparency, and savings for every account, in every industry.

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Ed Tech?

Merchant Service Group LLC strives to be more than just a credit card processor—we’re a solutions provider. With technical expertise and years of experience, we provide comprehensive solutions to seamlessly integrate custom payment and software solutions for your education organization.

Education technology – or ed tech—is used by educational organizations to manage communication, grading, attendance and all other components of the organization. There are many options available on the market with different advantages to each system.

Features of the software when it comes to student management include

·         Mass email

·         Grade books with individual instructor access

·         Financial aid applications and tools

·         Time clocks for student hours

·         Application processing

·         Travel management system

The optimal system will simplify and streamline your operations by combining school management software with your POS system. This is where Merchant Service Group LLC can help. Our team of technical experts will examine your school, taking into consideration the type, size, and future goals you may have in order to select the system to best serve all of your needs.

Once the optimal system for your organization is selected, our payment solutions are integrated right into it. A user-friendly gateway system allows you to take payments online and gives you the flexibility of taking payments anywhere by setting up a mobile device.

Authorize.net is a gateway payment solution that has features to assist with all aspects of billing and payments including recurrent payments, customized invoices, and secure customer data storage. Our team will set up your Authorize.net page in-house along with a merchant account to track all of your transactions, deposits, and statements.

Through our expertise and personal attention to your business, Merchant Service Group LLC can provide the best solution that integrates your needs into one system.

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