Payment Solutions for Property Management

Property management involves a lot of components, which means finding the right payment solution is vital to keeping your operation running smoothly and making sure all of your clients and partners stay happy. The right processor can increase your business’s payment options and provide features to help improve your operations. Read on to learn more.

Simplify Payments for Your Clients

As the traditional methods of paying rent, checks and cash are inconvenient and can add more hassle than needed. Offering additional payment options such as ACH payments to directly withdraw from tenants’ accounts simplifies the process for everyone involved. The ability to pay rent anywhere and at any time takes the stress off tenants, and recurring billing ensures that you and your clients always receive rental payments on time.

Our payments solutions save time and money for landlords and tenants. Tenants can enter their account information for one-time or recurring payments with no added cost to the tenant or landlord. Unlike bounced checks, which can cause a two week delay in payment, our platform provides instant notifications, allowing for quick resolution of failed payment attempts. We also offer competitive rates for credit and debit card payments for added flexibility.

Streamline Your Business

The right POS solution can help you manage your business and save on operational costs. Advanced systems allow you save time in organizing and accessing your tenants’ deposit, payment, and maintenance history by keeping all of this information in one place. These systems also allow you to manage your inventory for office supplies, maintenance, and more.

Customizable reporting and analytics tools allow you to gauge business performance in real time, providing you with the means to improve business operations and your customer experience. With these tools you can also see how, when, and by which method tenants are paying their rent.

Merchant Service Group LLC provides payment solutions that integrate seamlessly into the POS solution of your choice. Let us use our technical expertise to suggest the right solution for your business, no matter the size of your operation. Our customer service is available 24/7 to ensure your organization is always up and running.

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Common Merchant Account Problems

Paying with a credit card is easy. But accepting credit cards for your business? That’s a little more complicated. You need the right equipment, the right processor, and even then, things can still go wrong. The customer (i.e., you) should always come first, but not all processors provide good service. Here are a few common problems to watch out for regarding your merchant account.

Funding Delays

Many small businesses rely on receiving their funds right away in order to keep up with their expenses, but with an industry average of 3-5 days for funding, you may find yourself waiting longer than acceptable for your money.

Different processors provide different funding times, and the speed of your funding may also depend on the type of business or the equipment you use. It’s important to understand your funding options in order to avoid frustration when you start accepting credit cards and find that your money takes longer to deposit than what suits your business.

Technical Issues

Technology can be a great enhancement to your business, but where there is technology, there are technical issues. From the initial installation to daily use of your equipment, knowing who to contact and whether you will receive a prompt resolution is vital when something goes wrong. You’re busy running your business, after all—you shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to get your credit card machine to work. Unfortunately, not all customer service is created equal, and you may encounter high customer service wait times, which can lead to upset customers of your own and even lost revenue.

Untrustworthy Service

Unfortunately, there are individuals and companies in the industry who may promise things they cannot deliver or may try to deceive you into paying more than you should. Beware of hidden fees that your processor fails to inform you of.

Others may inadvertently give you the wrong information because they are un- or misinformed. Credit card processing is a complex industry that is constantly changing, so it’s best to find a second (knowledgeable) opinion on anything you are told or read online.

Boarding Issues

If your business falls under a certain category, such as firearms, nutravitamins, or tobacco, it may be more difficult to board with traditional processors. Your application may be more complicated and once your account is opened, you may find you have more issues with funding or sudden account closures through no fault of your own. Finding a processor that has a history of working with your business type can give you a higher chance of approval and reduce the chance of having issues with your account once it’s opened.

Long contracts and high cancellation fees

Some processors require you to sign a contract that requires you to keep the account open for a length of time or pay a large fee in order to cancel—typically around $500. Opening a merchant account is already an expensive process, from the cost of the equipment to installment fees and monthly fees, so make sure you know what you’re getting into—and what it takes to get out of it—before you sign anything.

Language Barrier

The number of minority-owned businesses has grown to over 1 million, representing 29% of businesses in the U.S. With continual growth in this area and over 60 million U.S. residents who speak a language other than English in their home, the need for language support for merchant accounts grows every day.    Many business owners prefer to discuss their account and work out technical issues in their native language, but not all processors offer language support, and if they do, you may find yourself waiting a long time to talk to the right person.

At Merchant Service Group LLC we believe that your merchant account should enhance your business, not give you added problems. This is why we take the time to work with your business individually to get your application approved quickly and help you choose the right equipment to suit your needs. With years of experience boarding thousands of merchant accounts, including those considered high-risk, we offer the knowledge to cover any questions or concerns you have. Our in-house customer service team includes 24/7 support and technical expertise when you need it. You can even talk to a live person in your language with our multilingual support.

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