Firearm Merchant Accounts

The firearms industry is growing, with over 11 million firearms manufactured each year in the United States and more than 40 percent of US households owning a gun. With an annual economic impact of more than $50 billion, we understand that your business is a vital part of our country’s economy, which is why Merchant Service Group LLC is proud to offer fast, easy processing solutions to all firearms merchant accounts.

Typically considered high risk, many processors will not board firearms accounts because of federal and state regulations and the greater risk that firearms accounts have for fraud and chargebacks. This is especially true for businesses who conduct online sales—whereas face-to-face interactions tend to come with less risk, online transactions leave retailers open to fraud and chargebacks from customers who regret the high-price purchase or are unsatisfied with the product they received.

Other processors require additional underwriting, which means more hoops for you to jump through just to board your account. Once boarded, you may find your funds held or your account shut down for no reason and with little to no warning, like when Intuit closed nearly all of its firearms related accounts, forcing these businesses to find other processors or accept cash-only payments while their service was interrupted.

This is not the case with Merchant Service Group LLC. We specialize in approving high-risk accounts, so our process for approving firearms accounts is like any other merchant account—quick and painless. As with any other business, several factors will be examined when boarding your account, including the length of time your business has been in operation, your credit history, and the financial health of your business.

Merchant Service Group LLC boards online accounts just as easily, with options to sell your merchandise on your website or through a point of sale (POS) system. These accounts work like any other, with the exception of the shipping policy, which mandates that products be shipped to local, federally licensed firearms dealers instead of directly to customers.

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