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About  us

Merchant Service Group LLC opened our doors for business in 2003 with an all-encompassing goal of becoming a leading processing company.  To that end, we gave careful consideration to key elements in becoming a successful organization. Sales, service, operations, marketing, risk management, product offering and pricing are inherent with any sales organization. Beyond that, we took into consideration two other very essential elements: communications and diversity.

Now, a decade later, we have a sales organization that is second to none. The differentiating component is our multilingual support staff that provides service in more than one dozen languages. We have removed all language barriers and want to make our valued clients feel at ease communicating in a language that is most comfortable to them.

More impressive than our multilingual team is our track record. Over the past decade, we have processed billions of dollars in credit card transactions. We are able to service the full spectrum of merchant types:  brick and mortar, mom and pops, national accounts or merchants who process from a virtual space.

We have partnered with Woodforest National Bank out of Houston Texas as our sponsoring bank. Our experienced management team works with some of the largest names in the transaction process industry, including both First Data and TSYS. Once again, having a variety of platforms to choose from sends the message to our clients that we are not a cookie-cutter processor. We stay ahead of the competition by meeting our clientele’s needs and engendering loyalty and a following with our customers.

Merchant Service Group has a proprietary gateway which allows our internal sales staff to have a leading edge in the marketplace. The executive management team learned the business from the ground up and understands what is critical to being successful in the field as a sales executive.

Whether you are a start-up or an established corporation, Merchant Service Group LLC wants to work in partnership with you to grow your sales company.  Work with us because we understand the language of business!

Mission Objective

Merchant Service Group LLC was created over a decade ago with the goal to provide better payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are especially proud to offer services and support in over one dozen different languages. We strive to provide seamless payment process solutions for our clients. We provide the technology and the tools to make your business boom.

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