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Merchant Service Group LLC delivers ideal payment processing solutions to wholesalers and distributors nationwide. We can help you determine your business’s ideal payment solution. For example, we understand that it is more common to have repeated customers in the wholesale or distribution business. Rather than providing an a la carte payment process like those offered to other retailers, we deploy a payment solution that eliminates manual entries for recurring payments. Plus, with Merchant Service Group LLC, you can also expect superior customer support from our in-house tech team 24/7. Our customer support is also available in over a dozen languages.

  • Accept recurring payments via check services or credit card acceptance
  • Receive payments automatically
  • Forget about having to make change or lose customers who do not have cash
  • Accept payments anytime and anywhere
  • Provide your customers with fast and secure options to pay by card
  • Spot trends and monitor your customers’ needs and wants
  • View daily, weekly, and monthly reports of activity
  • Monitor activity and even the days of the week that are the busiest
  • Track your inventory
  • Print any collected data easily
  • Enjoy competitive rates
  • Increase customer satisfaction

You take care of your customers and we will take care of their payments to you.

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