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A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a computerized replacement for a cash register. Our integrated POS systems have the ability to process credit and debit cards, as well as record and track customer orders, connect to other systems in a network, and manage business. We offer POS systems by today’s most prominent system operators including Apple, Android, GlobalBay, and Clover.

POS Benefits include:

  • Enjoy fast and secure payment processing
  • View daily, weekly, and monthly reports of sales and services
  • Monitor average payments
  • Compare days and times that are the busiest
  • Track your inventory
  • Print any collected data easily
  • Avoid long turnaround times on credit card payments
  • Utilize customer tracking
  • Setup the process quickly and easily with account integration
  • Provide more personal and professional customer service
  • Spot trends and customers’ needs and wants
  • Track reservations or appointments and cancellations

Your products and services attract the customer and our products and services help them pay you.

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