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Internet cafes are built on the promise of providing fast, easy, and secure Internet for patrons. With Merchant Service Group, you can also provide your customers with fast, easy, and secure payment options as well. The more payment options that you offer, the more sales you can make. Merchant Service Group LLC can deliver your Internet café with the most cutting-edge payment solutions coupled with superior customer support from our in-house tech team 24/7. Our customer support is also available in over a dozen languages.

  • Accept payments anytime and anywhere
  • Provide your Internet customers with the fastest and securest options to pay by card
  • View daily, weekly, and monthly reports of activity
  • Monitor activity and even the days of the week that are the busiest
  • Print any collected data easily
  • Receive payments automatically
  • Spot trends and monitor your customers’ needs and wants
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Make your Internet café business boom with our payment processing solutions!

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