The Best Thing That Happened To Law Offices Since ...Well...Ever!​​

We offer payment processing services specifically tailored for law offices and their clients. We combine the best and most necessary features in one package.

Features such as 

  • split funding
  • Trust account protection
  • $0 fee processing
  • Online payment management and E-invoicing
  • And much more

Better yet, No contracts or commitments 

Best Law Firm Payment Processing Solutions

We now offer convenient payment options to enhance your experience with your clients through our easy-to-use technology that we build around your firm’s specific needs.

We integrate our technology with your favorite legal software and with it, we will set you up with cool options such as split funding, and recurring monthly payments. You can also accept all types of payments in any way you want. From your website to email pay, we’ve got you covered,all while ensuring compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines

Perks & How they benefit you

  • $0 fee processing Firms can pass the transaction fees onto their client. This option saves the firm some of the processing costs. The surcharge amount can be a fixed amount or percentage but not exceeding 4.00%

  • Split funding Is a simple payment management solution that correctly separates earned and unearned fees and protects your interests trust accounts

  • E-Invoicing You get to offer your customer the added convenience of electronic invoices to be sent out via e-mail and SMS. they can also make payments via an embedded link and receive other regular and customized emails from you 

  • Online Solutions Gives the ability to manage your finances with a robust set of solutions like getting payment and refund activity reports, and setting up recurring billing 

Just when you thought it wouldn't get any better, When you call us and start your account today, you will receive:

  • No contracts, setup, or cancellation fees

  • Trust account protection

  • Get customizable website payment pages

  • All available software integrations

  • Unlimited users

  • PCI Compliance ($150 value)

  • Unlimited phone support

Merchant Service Group will broaden the horizon of your Law Firms. 

The minute you sign up, our knowledgeable support team will take a pledge to work and ensure the success of your business

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