No Split. No Buyrate. No Risk.
Just 100% Above Interchange to you.

The First And Still Only 100% Above Interchange Program Available in the industry for the 16th consecutive year.

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Trusted by 400+ Partners Nationwide for over Years. You're in good company.

Experienced ISOs and Agents can now maximize profit on their accounts in all categories such as qualified rates, mid-qualified rates, non-qualified rates, transaction fees, statement fees, monthly minimum fees, chargebacks, etc.  With all the confusing buy-rate or split programs that are available today, we believe the simplest and best plan is a true 100% Above Interchange Pass-Thru Residual Program.   

Did we mention you assume ZERO liabilities?  Yes!  You will earn 100% Above Interchange and will have ZERO liabilities for your accounts!

You're probably asking yourself if this is a gimmick? How can we afford to pay 100% Above interchange?

This is old stuff

Sign 30 deals in 90 days and you will earn a $5,000 sign on bonus! 


$2,500 Monthly production bonus

Sign 10 deals in a month, earn an additional $2,500 monthly production bonus.  Your first month and every month!

monthly recurring Residuals for life

The income doesn’t stop at the commissions and bonuses.  The star of the show is your monthly recurring residuals for life!  Earn on your first and every transaction for the life of your accounts!  We send out six figure residual checks monthly to our partners, your next!

Why Us?

Well, beyond the 100% Above interchange, here's a few other reasons why we are your perfect next partner.


You will have your own personal consultant that will answer everything from A to Z every step of the way.


Build your own brand, not someone else’s. We brand everything from our portals to marketing materials with your company logo and information!


Come by our office anytime, there’s no service as good as local service!


Whether it’s a Pay at the Pump gas station or a Point of Sale integration, rest assured our team of integration experts will get the job done. We have experience integrating with over 500 different POS systems and are adding more daily.


We provide raw data residual reports with over 200 columns showing every income and expense. Nothing hidden, nothing padded, just true transparency.


Unlimited leads available in Las Vegas any area of your choosing!


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Ready to get Started?

We have built our company on three pillars:  Technology. Trust. And Exceptional service.


We know technology.  Consider integration issues a thing of the past.  Whether it’s a complex pay-at-the-pump system, a POS system at a restaurant, or a standalone terminal, we provide a frictionless setup so your accounts are up and running with our industry’s fastest turnaround times.  


We pride ourselves in having sales partners such as yourself since we first started 20 years ago.  We keep our promises.  

Exceptional Service

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.  A happy client stays a client.

We provide all of the tools needed to ensure your business excels shown in the next section.  If you are ready to get started or have questions, please complete the form and one of our dedicated team members will reach out to you as soon as possible.



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